Saturday, November 27, 2010

Falkengasse Cousins?

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was great to spend the day with family and enjoy all the great food. Although it wasn't Xavier's first Thanksgiving, it was the first where he was up and aware of everything. He kept us hopping!

I received a message from Willi-Martin yesterday. He spoke with the family that lives on Falkengasse, in the house where Leonhard was born. He says they are descendants of Leonhard's sister, and they are pleased to hear about my visit! What a miracle to find living relatives back in Germany!  I asked him about them, but he is busy preparing for a two week vacation to the Red Sea in Egypt so he hasn't had time to send details. 

Well, I am not one to sit around waiting and wondering... I looked at my Braun Family information in my Family Tree Maker program and Leonhard had two sisters that married and had children in my database. One sister moved to another town, and the older sister, Margaretha, stayed in Aufhausen, as did her descendants for at least three generations. So I'm thinking if they are our relatives, they are probably descendants of Margaretha. 

Margaretha had a daughter named Margaretha that married Johann Georg Reichart.  They had a son named Christoph Reichart that died in Aufhausen in 1946. He had at least two sons who survived childhood. (Many families had numerous children that died in infancy or childhood back then...) I think that it is very likely the family on Falkengasse is related to Christoph Reichart.

Soooo... I googled Reichart + Aufhausen and learned there is a city council member named  Reichart.  I Found a telephone book entry, for  Reichart in Aufhausen.  What are the chances?  I'm thinking it is very likely that these Reicharts are somehow related to, or descendant of, Christoph Reichart, which would make them my relatives! What are the chances??? Coincidence??

This morning I did a search on Facebook for these Reicharts in Germany. There is only one. In all of Facebook... She's in Germany.  So, I sent her a Facebook message in English and German, again using Google Translate :) briefly identifying myself, and asked her if she and her husband were the family that recently received a visit from a genealogist, Willi-Martin, about a relative in America.  Now, I will wait and see if I hear back from her! 

Waiting is the hardest part...  

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