Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rudesheim, Wednesday May 11, 2011

 We sailed all morning and finally reached the Rhine River. It is much larger than the Mainz. We docked in Rudesheim about 1 pm and they took us in these little mini-trains through town and up to a gondola ride that took us up above some vineyards to a huge monument that was erected to commemorate the unification of Germany after the war in the late 1870's. I obviously didn't pay enough attention to the guide because I don't remember all what she told us about it.

Rüdesheim Coffee, which is exclusively made with locally distilled Asbach Uralt Brandy,
whipped cream and traditionally served in an authentic Rüdesheim Coffee Set

Georganna, enjoying her Rudesheim Coffee :)

We rode back down to the town and walked around, looking in the various shops in the tourist area. I have to say out of all of the towns I've been to so far, this one is my least favorite. It is very touristy and commercialized and doesn't seem to have much historical significance. This photo is one example... This glass top table with a dragon body was being sold for 395€, which is about $600.  My daughter-in-law bought one from a "nik-nak"catalog last Christmas for about $100. 

We came back to the boat and changed clothes because it was much hotter than we were dressed for; they had told us it might rain today and it was windy and cool out on deck this morning, but it definitely wasn't windy and cool this afternoon!
We sailed past a huge "herd" of swans!
They were beautiful.
This evening is the dinner in town at a local restaurant with entertainment. I am looking forward to doing that!
Yesterday I copied all my pictures onto a thumb drive just so I would have a back up in case something happens to my netbook. I was looking at a picture of a duck that I had taken and tried to find it in the bird book onboard the ship. I think I found it, and if I'm right, it's not a duck, it's a grey egyptian goose. I can't wait for Dan to look at the pictures and tell me if I'm right!
YAY, I guessed right :) My brother said it's
a grey egyptian goose
They have the IT people onboard right now trying to figure out why the internet has been so bad. I hope they fix it. I was able to upload a couple of pages to my blog but I still can't access Facebook or AOL.

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