Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nuremberg and the River Countess

Ist day on the cruise is coming to an end but the internet isn't available right now so I decided to write this now so I don't forget, and then hopefully upload it to my blog later.
Nazi Documentation Center taken from our bus
This morning I got up early and walked over to the train station for some coffee and an apple streudel. Then I checked out of my hotel and called a taxi to drive me to the pier. I got to the ship about 9:30 am and dropped off my bags, just in time for the 10 am shuttle back into the Old Town area of Nuremberg. I found my friend Nomi, the one that I had met on the internet and we chatted for a bit but she wanted to visit the Nazi Documentation Center and I chose to go to the old town instead. The bus dropped us off and I ran into another group of three, a couple and her sister. We started chatting and I ended up sightseeing with them the entire day.
We visited the Kaiserburg Nuernburg (the castle) and wandered around in the gardens and climbed the tower for a great view of the city. As we left the castle we stumbled on a great little bakery and got some pastries before heading back toward the shopping area. There was a wonderful open-air market, similar to a farmer's market, in the town square area with all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers, and pottery, as well as the famous Nuernberg Kebkuchen (gingerbread).

Castle Gardens

Happy Mother's Day!
the famous Nuernberg Kebkuchen (gingerbread)

In Nuremberg’s market square (Nürnberg Hauptmarkt) is one of the city’s most famous fountains, the Schöner Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain).According to a local legend, if you turn the “golden ring” (this ring gets replaced due to wear and tear and on one occasion it was a black ring) on the grille three times and make a wish, your wish will come true.
Me turning the ring and making my wish!
Then we discovered they were having an italian market with all kinds of italian cheeses, meats, desserts, wines and crafts for sale. They were giving away samples of truffle chopped up and mixed in an olive oil base. It was soooo good! They were selling one truffle for about $18. The truffle was about the size of a walnut!

There is a canal system that runs through town and they had gondolas and were giving rides up and down the canal, so Christie and I decided to go for a ride. The drivers were dressed in black and white striped shirts and hats just like the ones you would see in Vienna.


Then we stopped at a sausage place that is supposed to have the best "3 finger sausage" sandwiches. We got a few and shared them. It was really delicious!
We took the bus back to the ship about 4 pm and they had already delivered my bags to the room. They called a young man to escort me to my room and show me where everything was. I got settled in my room, then it was time for the Orientation and overview of the safety procedures.

They mentioned that we will be passing through about 53 locks. It's an interesting procedure. There is a huge gate that opens and the ship pulls in; the gate closes and the water level either rises or lowers depending on the levels of the water we are entering. Then once the water level is where it should be, a big gate at the front opens and the ship pulls out. I took some pictures of the process.
See how close we came to the wall!

After that, it was dinner. I had a Salad Niciose, a cream of garden herb soup, and a chicken dish for dinner. Desert was a "nouget lasagne" which was layered squares of what tasted like a light chocolate mouse, layered with sheets of hard chocolate. It's hard to explain but I took a picture of it!

One of the appetizer choices on the menu was a melon cocktail marinated in a port wine with mint. I asked our waiter what kind of melon was in it. He said it had several different kinds of melon and I mentioned that I couldn't have it because I was allergic to watermelon. Probably less than three minutes later, the Head Chef appeared at my side and asked my room number and asked if there was anything else I was allergic to. He said he would make a note and be sure to let me know if there was watermelon in anything else that would be served this week!
So I am on the bottom deck, which means when I look out my window, my eyes are at water level! It is an interesting view but I'm really only in the cabin when I'm sleeping so it's not that big of a deal.


The weather has been perfect since I've been onboard. Mid 70's and clear. I almost which I had some cooler clothes but I did bring several short sleeved shirts, but only jeans. If it gets much warmer I may need to invest in a pair of capris!

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