Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011-Basel to Dusseldorf, to Chicago to HOME

Today is travel day. At this point I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up at home. I really dread travel days! My first flight was at 9:25 and the van was scheduled to depart for the airport at 7 am.  I showered and had everything ready to go Friday night so I just need to get dressed and pack my last minuted things. The dining room opened for Breakfast at 6:30 so I was able to eat and send a quick email to the kids before I headed off.
My last glimpse of the Rhine River as we drive away to the airport in Basel,  Switzerland

Things went smoothly in Basel at the airport. I had plenty of time before my plane was to leave. I was shocked that the airport didn't have a single drinking fountain! I looked everywhere.  Here I experienced my one and only rude "local".  I went to the coffee shop and asked the lady if there was a drinking fountain. At first she ignored me, then she glared at me and rattled of something that ended in "France' So I assumed she was telling me she only spoke French.  I found another gentleman who told me there was none, so I bought a bottle of water and poured it into my water bottle that I had taken. No sense in carrying around two bottles of water! 

My flight from Basel to Dusseldorf left a few minutes early, and arrived about fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. 

FInding my way thru the Dusseldorf airport was fairly simple, everything was very clearly labeled in German and English. The only glitch so far, my flight has been delayed by about an hour and ten minutes. Instead of departing at 12:05, we are estimated to leave at 1:15. I should still be ok since I have a six hour layover in Chicago! That should give me plenty of time to get through customs and find my way to my connection. 
Customs in Chicago was a breeze.  My bags had to be claimed, rechecked and all the security stuff repeated since this was my entry to the US. 

 I shouldn't have worried about getting to my connection in time. Turns out, there was a technical problem with our plane and they had to bring in a replacement. So I got to sit in the Chicago airport for 8 lovely hours! If I had known, I would've gone sightseeing or to dinner, or something!  It was freeeeeezing in the airport, so I finally resorted to buying a little blanket at the gift shop. Eventually boarded the plane about 10 pm, and back home after a 5 hour flight.  It was soooo good to be home!! 

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